5 tips for a healthier life

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Hiya, I just sat down to wait for dinner to cook and decided to write this I totally live by ‘the 10 minute body’ stuff as I can’t be bothered to waste my time in the kitchen (despite the fact that I love cooking) or doing 2-hour-long workouts So I’ve just done a 10 minute […]

Evening workout video! #10minutebody

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Here’s a fab quick night time workout for you! I’ll be posting more fat burning workouts on my YouTube channel throughout my pregnancy, so make sure to subscribe for more calorie burners everyone can do. Get on it, hope you enjoy :-)

Lose weight easily with these swaps

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Here’s my quick list of simple food swaps that you can easily take advantage of, starting now. What’s crossed over is your TREATS – they should not be your everyday diet staples. (There’s nothing wrong with having them, but remember moderation. If you go for the crossed over options habitually, you’ve got some work to […]