FREEDOM nutrition plan trial registration open!


Do you want to lose at least a stone this summer? I want to trial my new signature nutrition programme, The Freedom Plan, before launching it to the bigger audiences, and I need you as proof of the effectiveness of the programme.

What I need from you is a freely written testimonial by 31st July 2017 stating how you've gone on and how you feel after a solid 4 weeks on your personalised nutrition plan (an exercise plan is also included, but is optional), with your full body before+after pictures (swimwear is preferred but you can also wear tight fitting clothing if you'd prefer, and you can exclude your face if you wish, weight and waist measurement).

A generally regarded healthy pace to lose weight is a maximum of 1kg a week, so I'll personally commit to also helping you beyond the 4 weeks on the Freedom Plan to reach loss of a stone (~6kg) this summer. Just make sure you're in our closed Facebook group and ask any questions you may have on there.

The Freedom Plan a completely science based programme, where you simply lose weight because you're eating less than what your body burns in a day. You'll get your personalised fat loss nutrition calculations and you'll need to track your food and drinks on MyFitnessPal to hit your own daily targets. There are no restrictions on what you can eat, but you do need to make sure to get enough protein, and I'll give you readily calculated example 10 minute meals and tips on how to make your body a well functioning and healthy fat burning machine. This is your start to a non-restrictive way of living where you can forget about dieting for good and lose weight super easily. You'll be able to love your food and body in a whole new way when you discover the Freedom Plan - results come automatically when your diet is enjoyable and flexible, and calories in line with your goals.

So at the end of your 4 weeks (and by 31st July 2017) on the Freedom Plan you'll need to submit:

- Your before & after pictures

- A testimonial (100+ words)

- Your weight and waist measurement (I'll only use how much you've lost, not your exact weight/measurement details)

Is this something you think you could help me with? If so, you can now sign up below. I've been using and fine tuning this nutrition protocol with my private clients since I started personal training in 2012, and it's by far the most effective way to get results and also keep them in the long term.

I'll be taking a deposit of £50 as proof of your commitment. You'll get it back after you've submitted your testimonial by 31st July 2017. (Our baby is due 16th Aug, but IF she arrives early then please allow me a few days to process the refunds, otherwise I'll send all deposits back on Tuesday 1st Aug 2017)

Are you ready to take on the Freedom Plan? If so,

  1. Enter your details below, make sure to click submit and then
  2. proceed to pay the deposit securely through PayPal (no PayPal account required)


In order to build your personalised plan, I'll need some details from you. Please fill in the form below and I'll send you your plan to your email address within three days of a cleared deposit payment. If you've got any questions meanwhile, don't hesitate to ask in our closed Facebook group or email me directly at

You've got until 2nd July 2017 to sign up, and 3rd July to start your 4 weeks

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