Private coachees! Please fill in your current details and get in touch to get your up-to-date Freedom Diet calculations.


NON-members! If you're interested in receiving private online nutrition coaching with The Freedom Diet, please send me an email.

The Freedom Diet is a long-term weight control plan that focuses on your health and every aspect of your lifestyle. No food or drink is forbidden, because that's the only way to sustainable weight loss. You're responsible for your own success but I'm here to help you every step of the way. Being in control of your weight is very straightforward, and I only use scientific methods in my coaching.

As part of the Freedom Diet you'll get a personalised calculation for the amount of daily calories, protein and fibre you need, and you'll need to use MyFitnessPal to follow your daily nutritino intake.

You can also drop me a message any time on WhatsApp - my number is 0044 789 719 7818.

Erika x