VIDEO: Burpee

Watch our YouTube video here

1. Jump as high as you can.
2. Placing your hands next to your feet, jump your feet back so that you end up in the starting point for a push up position.
3. Jump your feet up next to your hands again.
4. Repeat.

Most people say they hate burpees. That's just because they're hard. And that should in fact make you love them, not hate them.

Your effort strongly correlates with your results, so let's do our burpees properly!

Note: If you start to feel dizzy whilst doing burpees (due to low blood pressure or for any other reason), please opt for doing squat thrusts instead. You can find a video for them in the Fit as Hel exercise library.

VIDEO: Mountain climber

View our new video on Erika Helsinki doing mountain climbers here.

How-to: Start up in a push up position. Move your knees as high up towards your chest as possible. Aim for speed and control.

VIDEO: Still sprint (high knees)

View our YouTube video on what still sprints can look like here.

How-to: Run as fast as you can on the spot. Try to bring your knees as high as you can and move your hands vigorously back and forth.

VIDEO: Jump squat

Jump as high as you can to add intensity!

VIDEO: Mountain climbers

Mountain climbers are directed towards building your core strength and increasing you overall fitness. The first few are easy but they get super hard in no time! Check out the video I made here.

Just keep pushing on when it gets hard.

No pain no gain :-)


VIDEO: Frog squats

Frog squats are brilliant for getting your heart rate up and your legs working. Make sure you're bending your legs considerably every time you're doing the move instead of just bending over to reach for the floor. Your back should stay flat throughout the exercise.

Find a video of me doing frog squats here.

Happy workouts!