RESTRICTED home workout 3rd-9th February 2014

This week we're playing "twelves"!

So... Start at one repetition per exercise, then two, then three, then four of each...until you've completed 12 of each exercise! Please also post your time on our Fit as Hel: Community Facebook group :-).

Here are the exercises for this week:
1. Squat thrust
2. Push up
3. Sit up
4. Jump squat

Aim to do two sets per day, completing this training regime three times during the week.



Fit as Hel: GYM PROGRAM: February 2014 (Fat burn, some gym experience required)

Here's your gym program for February -- enjoy :-)

1. Warm up at low/medium intensity for 5-10 mins to get a sweat on
2. 3x10 - BB squat – slow on the way down, explosive when pushing up
3. 2x8 - Cable incline press – set the cables at hip height, push to eye level
4. 2x8 - Cable decline press - set the cables above your head, push down
5. 3x15 - Cable row – imagine squeezing your shoulder blades hard together every time
6. 2x8 (each side) - Lunge - Med/heavy weight dumbbell in each hand
7. 3x10 - DB shoulder press – point your elbows slightly forward
8. 2x 10 - Lat pull down - wide grip (hands beyond the curves of the bar)
9. Cardio: 15 minute run (treadmill on a slight incline/outside). 30 second sprint  1 min jog. Repeat until 15 minutes are full.

Notes: The weights used in resistance training should be so heavy that you’re close to failing by your last repetition.

• Sets x reps – exercise – notes
• BB=barbell
• DB=dumbbell


Any questions, as always, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

RESTRICTED Home Workout 27th Jan-2nd Feb 2014

This week's exercises:

1. Jump squat
2. Push up (wide grip)
3. Seal
4. Sit up

Round 1) 5 reps of each exercise
Round 2) 10 reps of each exercise
Round 3) 15 reps of each exercise
Round 4) 10 reps of each exercise
Round 5) 5 reps of each exercise

No rest between rounds.

Complete the routine twice in a workout. First set should be slow and controlled, the second as fast as possible. Time your second set and let us know what your time was!

Happy workouts,

Fit as Hel HOME WORKOUT 20th-27th Jan 2014

This week's workout should be done at moderate intensity with each exercise lasting for 30 seconds (no rest in between). Complete the full round of exercises in the listed order, rest for 90 seconds and repeat (altogether two sets).


  1. Mountain climbers
  2. Jumping jacks
  3. Plank
  4. Push-up jacks
  5. Squat thrusts
  6. High knee still sprint


Overall workout duration: 7 min 30 sec


If you've got any questions or comments, please post them in our Fit as Hel: Community Facebook group.


Happy workouts!

Fit as Hel HOME WORKOUT 13th-19th Jan 2014

Complete this circuit 3 times, trying to do it as fast as you can. Record your times and send them to for your chance to win!

10 mountain climbers
10 push ups
10 seals
10 squats
10 squat jumps
10 sit ups

Happy workouts & remember to warm up :-)

RESTRICTED: Home workout 6th-12th Jan 2014

The Blogfit Project trial starts today, and I want to encourage my Fit as Hel online members to all take part in the first week's workout routine. Training days are Monday (legs), Tuesday (chest), Thursday (back & CV) and Friday (abs & CV).

This plan will give you a very effective full body workout. It is done tabata style (20 sec high intensity exercise, followed by 10 sec of rest. Repeat 8 times). Therefore one set = 4 minutes of work, consisting of those 8 rounds. Simple enough?

Complete two sets each day with a two minute rest in between sets (total workout time = 10 minutes). Try your best to stick to the suggested days. It is also a good idea to download a tabata timer to make the timing of the workout easier.

Rounds are marked in brackets next to the exercise. Please post any questions/comments you may have in the Fit as Hel community on Facebook.




Squat (1,2,5,6), alternating lunge (3,4,7,8)



Push up (1,2,5,6), dips (3,4,7,8)



Seals (1,2,3,4), plank (5,6,7,8)



Mountain climbers (1,2,5,6), crunches (3,4,7,8)

Weekly home workout – New Year!

Happy New Year all!

It's time to burn some serious calories again. Let this become your fittest ever year yet!

Set 1:
1. Squat
2. Squat
3. Lunge pump - right
4. Lunge pump - left
5. Dips
6. Push up
7. Push up
8. Push up

--2 minutes rest--

Set 2:
1. Seals
2. Seals
3. Sit up
4. Sit up
5. Squat thrust
6. Squat thrust
7. Mountain climber
8. Mountain climber

Method: Tabata (each round=20 sec max intensity work -> 10 sec rest)
Overall duration: 10 minutes