The new, completely free of charge 14 day health challenge 2021 IS HERE!

Just join the gang and download your copy – or shoot me with a DM if you don’t have Facey.

Get any of your personal health related questions (fitness/nutrition) answered on a 1-to-1 call for only £15 (15 minutes) – get in touch to arrange your slot

Why not start the 100 squats a day for 30 days challenge today too? (The squats can be done in as many sets as you’d like)

Why not start this progressive 5 week fitness challenge I ran back in 2014? People who completed this found it easy to lose up to a stone following my “Freedom Diet” guidelines (i.e. eat whatever you want as long as you log it all on MyFitnessPal – you can do your own calculations on my site to find out how many kcals you burn in a day)