Fit as Hel community: Support and positivity

I'm happy to say Fit as Hel discriminate -- our community is full of inspirational people with the same goal: to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle and have support available 24/7. Everyone sometimes struggles (that's life), but if there ever comes a day someone tries to bring people down in our amazingly supportive group they get KICKED OUT straight away!

Recently I unfriended someone on Facebook who commented on Khelda's success story in a negative way - I'm not having any of that shit and will stand by my clients 100%. Khelda's done a tremendous job and is constantly & consistently putting muscle on (NOT FAT), is healthy and will never look anorexic again. She deserves nothing but praise for her efforts!

Rant over......... until someone attempts to be an utter tool again.

Erika "proud coach" Helsinki

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