Fit as Hel DETOX: My results

Below I’ve listed a few benefits I experienced during my Fit as Hel detox that finished this past Sunday. Nothing much has changed since – I’m still logging my meals and eating according to my needs, training and feeling good :-).

Weight: 57.8 –> 55.4 kg

Resting heart rate: Before 64 BPM, now 48 BPM

Fitness: Cardio has improved massively. Muscle definition is much greater. Abs are coming out again.

Sleep: The quality of my sleep has improved dramatically. I’ve use the app Sleep as Android on my phone to determine this. Fabulous.

Posture and confidence: Improved!

Mood: Massive improvement. The reason I wanted to get on the detox in the first place was that I was feeling super bloated and sluggish before it.

A couple of nights out during my detox have been interesting. I’ve only drank soda water with a piece of lime all night and Loved it! £0 spent at the bar :-D

Good luck for your future Fit as Hel detox!


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