Personal Training T&C



- PT session duration: The duration of a single PT session is 45 minutes.
- Session planning: PT sessions are varied, bespoke and include resistance training. Please inform us of your preferences at any time.
- Price: £40 per session/£70 p.m. (2 sessions)/£120 p.m. (4 sessions)/£200 p.m. (8 sessions)/£20 for a single gym program.
- Lateness: The session finishes when it’s due – 45 minutes after the session was planned to start and will be charged in full if the client is late.
- Cancellation: A 24 hour cancellation policy applies to all personal training and assessment sessions. If fewer than 24 hours' notice is given, the planned session will be charged in full.
- Payments: All payments for personal training must be made prior to the session taking place. Please provide a receipt for any set up payments, using your name as reference.
- Payment method: Cash, PayPal or Standing Order.
- Claiming sessions: The Client has one calendar month to claim any paid sessions.
- Membership cancellation: The Client can cancel their monthly membership any time, giving 30 days’ notice to the Coach.
- Personal information: Personal training with Erika Helsinki is conducted with strict confidentiality. However, the client’s personal fitness related data can be used in unforeseeable future in online and printed publications as well as in other events.
- Pictures: Photographs might be taken at any time during a personal training session. These pictures might get published without separate consent.
- Support: You can contact your Coach 24/7 via mobile, email, in person or in social media.
- Commitment: You will be expected to commit to training and good nutrition throughout your training with Fit as Hel. You are encouraged to discuss any problems you encounter with your Coach. Coaching relationship can be cancelled at any time by your coach, and in these cases a full refund of any unused sessions will be supplied.
- Fit as Hel do not accept responsibility of injuries sustained whilst training.
- You must wear appropriate clothing for exercise sessions.
- You must turn up fully sober, and notify your Coach if you are under any medication whilst training. You will also need to inform your Coach of any changes in your medical records as soon as possible.

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Personal Training with Fit as Hel includes:
- Initial coaching set up (£149.99)
- 3x start-up coaching sessions
- PT Client Manual, including
-- Bespoke training plan for the gym and outside of the gym (3-5 suggested training days per week)
-- Nutrition plan (kcal & protein controlled diet)
-- Lifestyle tips
-- Goal setting
-- Support from your trainer (email, phone, Facebook)
-- Support from peers in a closed Facebook group

FOR OPTIMAL RESULTS, WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND FOR YOU TO SET UP A Fit as Hel ONLINE MEMBERSHIP (£4.99 p.w.) at This'll give you effective weekly home workouts, monthly gym programs and nutritional support.

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