Mon 4th Jan - Sun 1st Feb 2015

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Is the 28 day VIP fat loss challenge for me? Here’s an outline of what you’ll get to help you decide.



The VIP Nutrition Guide
during the 28 day VIP fat loss challenge you’ll be following simple guidelines to achieve unbeatable results. the challenge is based on a shopping list that’ll allow you to have a varied diet. this also means you get to eat the foods you like - an important factor for life long results. it’s all about a shift in your mindset - put your heart into it for 4 weeks and there’s no turning back. you will enjoy healthy real foods that make you feel amazing. shake diets don’t work - so we will always make sure to stay away from them and suggest you eat natural, delicious food.

Weekly home workouts
as part of the challenge, you’ll have an opportunity to get an insider’s view on Fit as Hel members’ weekly home workouts. these can simply be done at home, and take no longer than 10 minutes at a time - max 5 times a week. done properly (with your full effort), these workouts will leave your body burning more calories than you would after an hour long session at the gym. the exercises and methods are simple yet varied, so you’ll never get bored. the exercises suit everyone and can be done by complete beginners. their main role is to get your body burn fat at an incredible rate and effectively tone up your body. you will feel fitter in no time!


….and now you’ll also receive the following


Recipe ideas booklet
no need to be stuck with ideas on what to eat - this booklet has delicious recipes for each meal of the day. they are all based on simple ingredients and are easy to make. “I can’t/don’t have time to cook” has become an invalid excuse.

Monthly gym program
you will also receive two structured gym programs for optimised fat loss as part of the 28 day VIP fat loss challenge. one program can be done by anyone and is particularly suited to those not used to working with free weights, and the other one is designed for more experienced gym goers. these will guarantee you are no longer wasting your time at the gym!

Daily email with best tips for success
you’ll receive a short email from Erika Helsinki every day during the challenge. read these with thought and you’ll be on the road to life long results you wouldn’t believe.

feel free to add yourself to the closed group “Fit as Hel: Community” on Facebook to ask any questions, share experiences or to make comments. you’re not alone - the support is there for you in our amazing community. you can also contact Erika Helsinki if your questions are of private nature or if you need more help with your success.

Together we can do this!