Nuggets = skin, bones, connective tissue, additives and other delicious ingredients

I just want to make sure everyone who follows this blog has seen this.

In this video Jamie Oliver shows kids how most commercial nuggets are made. It's a disgusting process - this kids' favourite food includes all the leftovers of a chicken that no one would normally otherwise eat.

The sad, sad, sad news is that after witnessing the process, the kids still would eat the product. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON???

Sigh.... Please, please try to eat real food as often as you can. By this I mean clean products where you'll know for sure what's gone into it. It's not difficult or expensive. But it's so much better for your body.

The prettier the processed food you eat, the more shite has probably gone into making it.


  1. I’ve seen that too! It’s insane and SO disgusting. I’ve understood that they don’t fortunately use the same process in the UK. It should, however, be compulsory for everyone to view those videos to understand what we’re exposing ourselves to by eating highly processed foods.

  2. I’ve also seen the one where Jamie shows what burger patties are made of – he just calls it pink slime. It is absolutely disgusting! None of his guests wanted to eat that. But he managed to persuade US fast food restaurants not to use that shite – way to go Jamie!

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