Finnish kids

Check out a super cool video by a Finnish family here.

Insane coordination, strength and balance from kids who can freely play and experiment.

What are your thoughts?

Gift from Suzanne


My lovely personal training client Suzanne brought me a present today that made me very happy. A special kind of a peeler!

She's been telling me about her bolognese and I'm dying to try it. Instead of spaghetti, she uses this type of a peeler to make pretendy spag out of carrots and courgettes! The strands are just like spaghetti, but apparently tons nicer (and healthier).

Time to get cooking!

Thanks Suzanne :-)

“There’s no point”

I hear this too often and it breaks my heart.

"There's no point in not eating that dessert, I'm overweight anyway... It won't make any difference."

"I can't be bothered with a gym membership because I couldn't go more than once a week anyway."

......and so forth. Depressing.

The truth is, it's the little things that matter the most. If you eat one single biscuit a day, that's easily 18,250 extra kilocalories a year!!

Read that again - 18,250 kcal per year!!!! 

Just ditching that tiny habit could result in you losing a considerable amount of weight!

I've also had plenty of clients who "only" do one personal training session a week and no other exercise whatsoever... And guess what? They ALL lose a noticeable amount of body fat! One of my clients recently lost 6 kg of pure fat (imagine that huge chunk of fat on table in front of you) in just 6 weeks - that's HUGE!!

No more saying "it doesn't matter". It does.

A task for you:
Make a little positive change in your life today. Decide on what it is and write it down. Because otherwise in a week's/month's/year's/decade's time you'll wish you'd started today.

ACT. Now. It's your time to succeed.


During the first year of university I gained a considerable amount of weight.

I hated my body for the first time ever.

It brought me really down. The weight just “somehow” piled on over the year…

All the parties, socialisation, shitty food, drinking pretty much every day of the week….


Somehow I still got the grades I wanted but

I felt empty.

That body didn’t belong to me.

I was tired, bloated, happy on the outside and very sad on the inside. I’d lost my confidence, individuality, my spark.


In that mindset, after a full year of shitty lifestyle someone said to me something I’d never heard before… They called me fat.

I was so hurt


I had to take responsibility.

I’d done it all to myself.


I’d completely abused my body for a full year… And gained 7kg.


I never want to feel like that again.