Tabata: The seriously fat torching training protocol


If you haven’t heard of tabata training before you’ve totally missed out

A full tabata set = 4 minutes of work


20 sec high intensity intervals followed by 10 second rest periods – repeated 8 times.

It’s more powerful than over a half an hour run

Burns fat more than any other known training method to date



it must be done right. You have to go at it at 100%. If you’re really unfit you’ll just naturally do it a lot slower at first. Give it 2 weeks and the difference is IMMENSE.

It’ll make you ache like hell :-)  — and give you the results you want!!


No pain no gain!

My clients

6 PT sessions with amazing clients ahead today. My clients are some real life superstars… Individual stories, amazing successes Even if they don’t believe themselves at first

It’s inevitable – training the right way and making slight changes to their lifestyles will always get them results

Body fat goes BOOM, lean body mass goes wawooooooooo

I’ll share some of their stories in this blog in the future!


Mushy pea curry

This healthy and super quick curry leaves you no excuse to resort to a takeaway.

The whole thing should take about 20 minutes to make, so no excuses about ‘not having time to cook’!


Here’s what you’ll need:

◾1 tin mushy peas
◾1 tin tomatoes
◾1 tin baked beans
◾curry powder

1. Chop onions and dry fry in fry light
2. Add all ingredients  into a pan cook  then blitz /blend to make sauce
3. Add chicken pieces
4. Serve with rice


And that's it! Try it and let us know what you think.

Efficient training

I get bored easily.

I don't have hours to waste at the gym so I make my training sessions short and intense.

10-30 minutes, that's it. That's all I need. And the results keep flooding in.

Short and effective workouts are also included in the Fit as Hel membership. No one physically capable, no matter how busy, can say they "don't have time to train" anymore.

No more excuses.

Act. Take the first step. Just start.