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  • Do you feel like you need a fresh start?

  • Are you sick and tired of diets that always fail in the end?

  • Fed up with workouts that don't bring quick results?


Now you've got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have the best possible start to the New Year 2020. Join us for a fun, relaxing luxury fitness retreat to clean your body and mind in Kielder, Northumberland

You'll leave feeling energised, inspired and knowing exactly what to do (and how to do it) to be completely in control of your cravings and lack of energy for the rest of your life

Throughout the weekend we'll thoroughly cover topics on how to build a sustainable personalised exercise and eating plan that you can easily get maximum results with. You'll also have a chance to privately discuss any related questions you may have with your expert coach


It doesn't matter how busy you are in life, whether you're a great cook or not or how (un?)fit you are -- everyone can learn the simple methods of maximising fat loss results forever. The fact is, you can ALWAYS enjoy your favourite foods, go out with friends, eat in restaurants and enjoy your life to the fullest, and STILL get the best results. You don't need a gym membership if that's not your thing or to dedicate lots of time to 'officially' exercise, ever. The ethos of this retreat is that, first and foremost,

life is about having a great time


The weekend will consist of the most effective (and above all, enjoyable) fat loss workouts, stretching sessions, cooking and nutrition workshops. You can also relax and spend time with like-minded people, and there is plenty of space to be on your own too if that's what you'd prefer. At the end of the day you may choose to watch a film in the cinema room, play snooker in the private bar, gaze at the stars or chill out in the jacuzzi - or maybe even go for a relaxing walk in the beautiful nature in Kielder


Who is this fitness retreat for?

The Kielder fitness retreat is best suited for women in sedentary jobs who want to have the ultimate, simple tools for a healthier, fitter lifestyle for the rest of their lives. That means fewer illnesses and injuries, more energy and a body you're truly happy in

When is the Kielder fitness retreat?

Check-in: Friday 3rd January 2020 @ 5pm
Check-out: Sunday 5th January 2020 by 5pm

What's included?

  • Accommodation
  • All meals (catered to your needs)
  • 5 workout sessions
  • 1-on-1 tuition with exercise and nutrition
  • Nutrition & cooking workshops for fat loss
  • Facilities including a jacuzzi, sauna and a cinema room
  • Better wellbeing for the rest of your life


You'll just need to arrange your own transport - and if you don't drive just get in touch and I'm sure we can get you sorted. Everything else we'll take care of so you can just forget about your day-to-day life and enjoy the ride


Limited spaces available, so act fast!!

Book your space with a £147 deposit today*

*Pay the rest of the balance by 1st Jan 2020, or get in touch to arrange a payment plan



- £595 per person sharing an en-suite room with another like-minded individual
- £745 per person for a luxury en-suite bedroom on your own

Just scroll your way to the top of this page to complete a straightforward deposit payment of £147 to secure your space in the Kielder fitness retreat 3rd-5th Jan 2020. The deposit is the same regardless of which option you choose. I'll be in touch within 48 hours of your deposit payment to confirm details.

Please note! The PayPal payment option is preferred (you can also pay with a debit card without a PayPal account) - if you use another method please get in touch



We'd love to answer any questions you may have. Don't be shy, just drop us a message or request a call back using the form below, or you can WhatsApp Erika any time on 0789 719 7818 :)

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A glimpse of the Kielder women's fitness retreat venue