Shocking weight loss results in just 7 days (don’t do this at home)

You see these types of shitty headlines all over the internet all the time. Let me tell you something - they're full of shit.

As I was about to start my journey to a serious summer body (YES, it's time. June is only 12 weeks away!) I wanted to experiment with my own body to see how much weight I would lose in 1 week just by changing simple habits.

Shocking revelation from a fitness coach to follow ----

I stuffed myself with carbs, drank very little water and quite a few beers instead, and ate all of the chocolate bars in the house in the 7 days before my 12 week summer body mission.


This obviously made me very bloated, tired, unhappy and grumpy. But in the following 7 days (1st week on my personal summer body challenge) I lost 3KG!! That's LOADS for a person my size. And guess what, no dieting involved. (My best guess is that out of those 3kg about 2.5kg (!!!!!!!) would've been fluids, and the remaining 0,5kg a mixture of muscle and fat.)

All I did after my "bulking phase" was return to my normal habits - drinking plenty of water and not eating treats unless it's for a good reason/a special occasion. So basically no crap food in the house. It's good I'd consumed it all the week before - now there's no temptation involved either.

My very important message is that quick fixes are shite and unhealthy - they only make you lose weight (mostly water weight, muscle [BAD] and only a little fat). Nobody should want to lose weight, but everyone surely would want to lose fat.

The only way a more radical change can be good for you is if there is a maintenance process in place. I.e. Once you've lost the initial weight there is someone to help you keep that weight off and restore some of the lost muscle. Often with very overweight people a good solid kick start to their weight loss is a good idea but as I said, the most important phase is when the initial weight has been lost and it's time to focus on life long changes in diet and lifestyle.

If you're wanting to lose weight, this is the only way you'll be happy with your body (and yourself!) FOREVER.

I'll publish a mini ebook with 3 easy steps to kick start your fat loss journey as soon as I can... It's ready and waiting for its readers! If you're eager to get it before anyone else just fill in your details here and we'll send it over to you ASAP. WARNING: It's not for the lighthearted (swearing is included)!

To your health and success,
Erika Helsinki

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