Do yourself a favour and just please, for the love of god, stop asking for diet plans. And what I mean here is plans where your every meal is laid out as specific foods and portions.

A written out diet plan will help you lose weight, yes, HOWEVER, you'll put all the weight back on (and more) after you stop.

Because... If you go ON a diet, you'll have to come off it too. Because you will go back to eating the same old shit you always used to beforehand. Sound familiar? Because NO ONE is able to eat according you a strenuous fucking horrible plan for the rest of their lives.

There is a popular plan I know where you're advised, no, TOLD, to eat porridge every single morning for the duration of the plan, which is 6 months long. AND they emphasise that if you go off track you've failed (?!?). I mean what the fuck?! We're all humans, not machines.

I think personally I'd end up rather eating shit than porridge for 6 months straight.

SO... Instead of being desperate of making other people write out your meals for you....... Here comes the BOOM..... Take some well deserved responsibility and start looking after your beautiful body.

Go here to figure out the amount of calories you need in a day (BMR calculator)
Start logging all of your foods on MyFitnessPal
As long as you're eating fewer calories than what the calculator gives you for "estimated daily caloric requirements", you'll be losing weight
This means you CAN eat some cake too, and soon you'll notice why it's not a good idea to have too much of it ;-).