How to easily burn up to 800 kcal more in a day

This is another one of those things....

If you think you need to go to the gym  or out for a jog to burn calories.............. you're wrong

People often mistakenly think they have to do exercise to burn calories

You don't need to complete an official workout to burn energy

Instead..... There is this thing called NEAT. It stands for Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. It's revolutionary.

The idea is that every activity you do that is not classed as exercise still burns calories.

Every little bit of fiddling, choosing the stairs over escalators, parking a bit further away so you have to walk more, standing up instead of sitting down, cleaning up.... Everything counts.

And just by focusing on this, increasing your activity a little bit where you can, can make a HUGE difference.

So next time you're making a cup of tea...... Keep yourself warm by jumping around the kitchen (imagine the view)

Research shows you can easily burn 500 extra calories a day by increasing your NEAT... And even 800 kcals if you really go for it.


So....... GO FOR IT!



BlogFit Project: Eniko’s blog


Eniko is an inspiration to us all. She comes to my gym classes, completed the BlogFit Project and is a Fit as Hel online member.

Her fat loss journey has only lasted for a few months in total and she's gained insane results so far. Something that really stuck to my mind is her saying she feels like she's bouncing when walking now because of how 'light' she's become. That must be an amazing new experience.

Eniko does it all right - enough of exercise (but not too much), an active lifestyle (albeit a stressful job) and a healthy diet as part of her lifestyle.

Read her blog here and encourage her on her journey!