A simple secret tip for boosting fat loss

bread fluff
Fat loss is all about energy balance.

Carbs are certainly not bad for you, but eating carbohydrates in excess can be bad for weight maintenance.

In order to reduce the calories you get from bread buns/baquettes etc. just carve out the fluffy bread on the inside. This is a simple way to reduce the 'empty calories' by up to 90%! It also allows more room for the healthy stuff, sch as salads and fresh meat, in your sandwiches.

Also, don't be scared to ask for the bread to be carved out in sandwich shops like Subway. You might have to repeat your request to most 'sandwich artists' but they'll happily do it!

Feel good,

Supermarket vs. home made buns

Yeah, so eating clean (knowing what's in your food) is a good idea.

It is fascinating and very scary to know what they can put in mass produced products. Just looking at the product might not give anything away so

READ THE LABEL. Every time. Until you know what you're feeding your precious body with.

Below is a list of ingredients in a commercially sold loaf of bread. Take your time reading them and see if you can pronounce all of them.


And here's what I put in mine:

- Milk (or water)
- Flour
- Fresh yeast
- Salt
- Sugar
- Butter

These ones just came out of the oven ----->