Fruit challenge

We like to run mini challenges in our Fit as Hel community.

This week we've challenged ourselves to eat 3 pieces of fruit a day. The members have had plenty of apples and bananas, but also nectarines, pomegranates, grapefruit, yellow plums, pineapple, papaya, watermelon and plenty of berries over the week.

Now it's your turn - challenge yourself and go through the next 7 days religiously consuming 3 pieces of fruit a day. Simple (but perhaps not quite as easy as you might expect)!

Good luck!

To your health,
Erika Helsinki

Thank you!


Thanks so much guys for the numerous new sign ups we've had on the site recently.

Just to keep you updated, there will be extra perks to being a subscriber in the future - you'll be the first to have access to our FREE ebooks and other privilege materials in the future. For now, keep reading the blog, suggesting topics and posting in our community group.


Thanks for all of your support, it is much appreciated.


To your health and success,

The Fit as Hel team

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Client transformation: Jeannie’s journey

Jeannie's initial 6 week transformation in 2012
Jeannie's initial 6 week transformation in 2012
+ significant improvement in her posture
+ significant improvement in her posture

Jeannie recently won a competition with the Fit as Hel online membership --> now she's taking part in the Fit as Hel BLOGfIT Project free of charge.
[BLOGfIT Project = following a personalised nutrition & training plan and blogging about the journey for 4 weeks]

Click here to read her blog!

She's already been an inspirational private client of mine for over a year. Biggest achievements for her have been

- Losing 2 stone
- Increased confidence
- Better flexibility
- Improved posture
- Strength
- Much more lean muscle and
- Learning how to squat (this used to be impossible)!!

Jeannie a couple of months ago
Jeannie a couple of months ago

Jeannie is one of the most loyal clients I've ever had. She is super competitive (you'll notice this if you ever get to work alongside her!) and is a great asset to EHPT + Fit as Hel. Jeannie has been involved with pretty much every project we have ever ran --

- 1-to-1 PT (2012 -->)
- HIIT Bootcamp (2012-2013)
- 4 week Body Transformation Challenge early 2013
- Fit as Hel online membership (2013 -->)
- BLOGfIT Project trial (running now)

Not just that, I love how active she is in the community -- always commenting and encouraging others to do better.

THANK YOU, JEANNIE. And so her journey into better **everything** continues....

//Join the Fit as Hel community if you want to ask Jeannie any questions etc. :-)

Your proud PT,

Fit as Hel DETOX: How-to

turkey sandwich

I've been on a detox for nearly 6 weeks now. I'll post about my results in another post.

Here are the guidelines for a Fit as Hel detox:

Duration: 1-6 weeks
Nutrition: Follow your own Fit as Hel nutritional guidelines = never overeat and make sure to hit your protein goals.
Hydration: 2.5 litres of a water per day (3 litres for men). No alcohol during the detox.
Exercise: Four 10-15 minute workouts per week (on top of what you'd normally do).


I'm going to run Fit as Hel member challenges every now and again. You guys can then post about your experiences (and success) in our closed Facebook group.

All the (home/gym) workouts are naturally provided in "the zone", as I like to call the restricted content members' area. If you want your personal nutritional guidelines updated just re-fill in the form in the nutrition bit.

The next detox challenge will run 9th - 13th December (so that you can then eat what you want over Christmas, ha)! Get your friends to take part as well!! (Just click on online membership at the top)


P.s. As always, no forbidden foods!!