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Recently we've had tons of requests to give out 'expert comments' for fitness magazines. Erika was mentioned in July's edition of the Bodyfit magazine -- check out these tips on how to keep fit whilst on your summer holidays :-)

Bodyfit - July 2014 Issue Erika expert comment

#100daysfitashel challenge – JOIN IN!

You know all about the #100happydays challenge, right? Now it's time to spread the word for the fitter lifestyle!

Join us in this picture challenge any time you want - and post a picture in social media that contributes to better wellbeing every day for the next 100 days. Everyone can make a healthy choice every day - this can be to do with your nutrition, activity, training or even rest. Show us what you're made of -- let's spread the Fit as Hel lifestyle -- it's all the little things that contribute to the biggest success!

The #100daysfitashel challenge can be a great motivational tool both to you and your friends :-)


Your posts should include

a photograph with any caption and hashtags #100daysfitashel and #day[number]


Nominate any friends to take part as well!


To healthier living,

Your fitness coach Erika Helsinki

MUST SHARE: Jeannie’s before/after pictures

What a complete transformation! From a shy girl to a confident fitness chick with Erika Helsinki --- WOW!! Is this even the same person?? (In many ways, no!)

bIMG_0750 Jeannie around 86kg -->
Jeannie now 69kg
Jeannie 04-2014

Fit as Hel climbing up the walls

Fit as Hel climbing club is up and running! Anyone in the Newcastle area (UK) wanting to try climbing indoors and/or get good at it FAST, now's your chance to get involved.

The sessions are ran by Erika Helsinki who worked as a climbing coach before going full-time with personal training.

Spaces are limited - get in touch for more info through the contact form!

Somewhere up there (12 metres high)
Somewhere up there (12 metres high)

Our first ever PT Masterclass

Our first ever PT masterclass was held last Saturday by Erika Helsinki. We focused on working on people's technique on deadlifts. At the end of the hour-long masterclass people were beating their previous personal bests, although it's more of an educational session rather than a hardcore workout.

We were very impressed by the effort, enthusiasm and the great atmosphere throughout the session. More PT masterclasses to follow for sure (squats and bench press at least). Stay tuned by liking our Facebook page!

Once again, thanks for all attendees! Here are some pictures from the day.

Fruit challenge

We like to run mini challenges in our Fit as Hel community.

This week we've challenged ourselves to eat 3 pieces of fruit a day. The members have had plenty of apples and bananas, but also nectarines, pomegranates, grapefruit, yellow plums, pineapple, papaya, watermelon and plenty of berries over the week.

Now it's your turn - challenge yourself and go through the next 7 days religiously consuming 3 pieces of fruit a day. Simple (but perhaps not quite as easy as you might expect)!

Good luck!

To your health,
Erika Helsinki

Fit as Hel members’ lunch

I took a few local Fit as Hel members out on a lunch last weekend. Jeannie and Khelda are also my 1-to-1 PT clients and Eniko does my gym classes every week. All of these ladies have come a long way on their fitness journeys since joining Fit as Hel -- and I can't thank them enough for their enthusiasm, activity and support in our online community.

I intentionally chose a buffet as our lunch destination - and cheekily wanted to see what kind of foods they'd go for. Personally, after eating two plates and a fruit dessert during the meal I didn't have to eat anything else for the rest of the day - just green tea and plenty of water. This way, when you listen to your body, you'll not get fat if your food choices are balanced also when eating out. I hoarded loads of protein (mainly chicken and eggs), some sushi, plenty of veg and drank water with the meal... And then had honey dew, apple, grapes and orange for dessert :-).

Eating in a buffet can be tricky and bad for the waistline. Fill your plate with different colours and drink water. Never eat at at a buffet late at night.
Eating in a buffet can be tricky and bad for the waistline. Fill your plate with different colours and drink plenty of water. Never eat at at a buffet late at night.
Jeannie and Khelda
Jeannie and Khelda
Erika Helsinki & Eniko
Erika Helsinki & Eniko

Everyone is welcome to join us on our next lunch together - this'll be in Gateshead 3rd March 2014 after a deadlift masterclass at the gym. Please get in touch if you'd like more details - see you all soon! :-)


Thank you!


Thanks so much guys for the numerous new sign ups we've had on the site recently.

Just to keep you updated, there will be extra perks to being a subscriber in the future - you'll be the first to have access to our FREE ebooks and other privilege materials in the future. For now, keep reading the blog, suggesting topics and posting in our community group.


Thanks for all of your support, it is much appreciated.


To your health and success,

The Fit as Hel team

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Well done guys and thank you so much for taking part in the trial round of an amazing project!!


--Anyone interested in doing the BlogFit project too will receive a 4 week home training plan and a personalised nutrition plan. Please get in touch for more details.--