Why doing gym classes is a MISTAKE

It’s heartbreaking, but it’s true

I worked from a big commercial gym before… Sometimes taking 5 classes in a 5 hour shift!! Fucking crazy. Did I lose weight? No I didn’t. More importantly, did the members who took part in those classes lose weight? NO, THEY DIDN’T. I saw hundreds, if not thousands of regulars who were desperate to lose weight not get anywhere… And it’s not because they didn’t try, it’s just that they were looking in the wrong place.

Doing gym classes rarely give you the results you want

You get frustrated, because you don’t really know how much more you can do when nothing seems to work

Gym classes help you burn calories, YES

However…. You get home, and those extra calories burnt make your body that little bit more hungry… You “eat normally”, without even realising that you had a little more than you normally would’ve had.

This balances out your body’s maintenance calorie needs (calculate yours here) and you won’t lose any weight. With some luck, IF the class is resistance based (ie you’re actually needing to use your muscles rather than just bouncing around getting a little sweaty) it might help you build a bit of muscle - in other words, you’ll get a little more toned. This won’t change the reading on the scales though.

If you want to actually lose weight, you need to change the game you play.

You CAN still attend those gym classes, but ONLY if you truly enjoy them.

And what do you need to do?

Track….. Your….. Mofo’n….. calories.

If you want to lose weight, you MUST eat less than what your body burns.

And the ONLY way to know if you’re doing that is by tracking everything that goes down your throat

Food, drinks, EVERYTHING.

This is also a fantastically educational thing to do, because if you’ve never done it before you WILL be surprised at how calorific some of the stuff you eat/drink are.

If you want to lose weight you HAVE TO take responsibility

NOBODY else can do it for you…. Just you.

Doing yet another diet won’t work, because you’re not taking responsibility

Going to some more gym classes won’t work, because you’re not taking responsibility

Being an adult is fantastic, because you can take complete responsibility for yourself

That means that if you want to, you CAN lose as much weight as you want

As long as you’ve got the right tools

And my mission is to give you them

Start using MyFitnessPal TODAY — just download it on your phone and start logging

Get to know what you’re eating

You can do the 10 day challenge that I created (it’s free for a limited time only) - to get you used to the flexible dieting shizzle, and the most effective home training protocol in the world

Just whatever you do, you can now stop hoping that those gym classes will eventually work…. Trust me, they won’t

Unless you control your nutrition

So get on it!

—> 10 day challenge <— (if you encounter any problems or have any questions just drop me a message)


Best of luck,

Erika xx