The one thing you need to do if you want to lose weight in January

New Year's resolutions... are you thinking of making some?

Many many people (like you?) are promising to lose weight next year.... I mean it only makes sense since most of us (including me) tend to over-indulge in the Christmas season. I like to call it my 'bulking season' so it's fine :D since I know I can shift all the extra weight easily by the end of January.

Did you know
that if you're stressed out about buying Christmas presents (I am, I hate shopping...)
that'll easily make you put on weight

This is because your cortisol levels will be raised, and it makes you eat more calories if you're not mindful. AND raised cortisol also makes the weight pile on around your mid section which is not ideal (belly fat is more harmful to your health)

But don't worry. As long as you decide you're going to lose weight in January YOU WILL. You need to believe in yourself and surround yourself with supportive people ONLY (many will try to sabotage your success [because deep down they're jealous ]). You need to eat less than what your body needs to lose weight. And it's always a good idea to exercise (anything helps; walking, swimming, gym, climbing...).

You know what you need to do to lose weight, right? But how to get it done is another story.

The one thing you can do to maximise your success is to join my brand new 10 Day Challenge

It starts Mon 2nd Jan 2017! And for a limited time you can guarantee you won't lose anything (but weight) as long as you complete the 10 days, since I'm giving it out for FREE for the first people who sign up!

With the challenge you get all your nutrition covered (you can also download a free Nutrition Bible on this page right now), super effective 10 minute (or under) workouts, a gym program and all sorts.

Check out the sign up page HERE and join today! That's your January weight loss sorted :-)

Let me know if you've got any questions,


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