During the first year of university I gained a considerable amount of weight.

I hated my body for the first time ever.

It brought me really down. The weight just “somehow” piled on over the year…

All the parties, socialisation, shitty food, drinking pretty much every day of the week….


Somehow I still got the grades I wanted but

I felt empty.

That body didn’t belong to me.

I was tired, bloated, happy on the outside and very sad on the inside. I’d lost my confidence, individuality, my spark.


In that mindset, after a full year of shitty lifestyle someone said to me something I’d never heard before… They called me fat.

I was so hurt


I had to take responsibility.

I’d done it all to myself.


I’d completely abused my body for a full year… And gained 7kg.


I never want to feel like that again.