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UNCENSORED: 10 BLOGfIT Project trial round blogs

Read about people’e experiences during the BLOGfIT Project trial in January 2014:

  1. Insane fat loss success, gym goer:
  2. Norwegian chick who runs for charity:
  3. Blogfitter in Australia:
  4. Jeannie’s fitness journey has been featured in the Fit as Hel blog too!
  5. A Finnish mother living in the UK:
  6. Mum with two kids, a dog and a husband:
  7. A yoga chick’s blog:
  8. A fit chick’s BLOGfIT journey:
  9. The “yes man” who unfortunately finished the project early:
  10. The one who travels a lot with work. Great progress, but finished the project early also.

Well done guys and thank you so much for taking part in the trial round of an amazing project!!


–Anyone interested in doing the BlogFit project too will receive a 4 week home training plan and a personalised nutrition plan. Please get in touch for more details.–