Testimonial: Jeannie (found in archives!)

Name: Jeannie H
Your specific weight/fitness/lifestyle related goals when you started: When I started with Erika I felt massively uncomfortable within my own skin, I didn't feel comfortable about my weight approximately 86 kgs maybe more, my confidence levels were very low.
Initially my goals were simply to improve my lifestyle, lose weight and education towards food as before hand I was like a lot of people and not really thinking about what I would eat/drink. Fitness wise in the beginning main goals were to get slightly fitter to help with climbing.

What have you achieved since starting your sessions with Erika? I have achieved so much since becoming one of Erika's clients, I have lost an exceptional amount of weight over 16 kgs and still going strong. We are exceptionally close to my target weight which if I'm honest I don't think I'd of achieved anything like this accomplishment without Erika. My confidence levels have increased so much since I started, previously I was so shy that I struggled to speak to anyone I didn't know.

I feel like a completely different person and more so I look like one too. I have muscle definition and can see the progress I've made over time.

I love that now I think about what I am consuming subconsciously, it isn't hard or a chore, it doesn't feel like a diet because it isn't one. I think that's why it's so much of a success with it being a lifestyle choice rather than you cannot have that.

Your PT session experiences summarised: My PT sessions are awesome over the 18 months I've trained with Erika I've never once had the same routine, always learning new exercises and fundamentally why they are important explained to me/what muscle groups they should activate.
Erika's training style is brilliant and her enthusiasm just gives you even more of an extra push when you think you are done.
When I first started with Erika I couldn't do a simple body weight squat now I'm doing weighted squats :) This was a tremendous achievement for me.
Every week the sessions are varied which is brilliant.

How has Erika helped achieve your goals? Erika has helped me achieve my goals in many ways initially by reeducating me with regard to food and drink consumed, food shopping. Introducing me to new foods I would never of tried. Introducing me to the gym environment and resistance training, along with HIIT training as well.

Her general attitude and enthusiasm towards reaching your goals is phenomenal, she truly cares about her clients. I cannot thank her enough for changing my life so much.

I honestly wouldn't of been able to go through this on my own not because of lack of motivation but because of lack of knowledge as to what benefits you more to your goals. Erika constantly discusses the reasoning behind why you are doing things and the research behind this which fills you with more confidence and a wider knowledge base as to why it will bring you your results. Erika is constantly supporting you throughout your journey.

What do you still want to achieve regarding your weight/fitness/lifestyle? I want to reach my goal weight ideally by this summer, which is on the cards. I am so much fitter now, I am actually running the great north run this year which is one an achievement because before starting with Erika if I ran a 100 yards I would of been on the floor crying for oxygen and two an achievement because I HATE running.

I absolutely love training I miss it like crazy if I cannot train, I am now introducing more cardio due to great north run training and Erika is helping me with advice to achieve more endurance for this.

I have actual proper goals in the gym to get stronger and healthier, I love resistance training. We've been working on my limits to date and 100 kg dead lift other week was fantastic. Love seeing the changes in my strength.

Would you recommend Erika Helsinki as a PT to others? Why? Yes I would recommend Erika to others as a PT, I actually have done! I recommended Erika as a PT as she is a fantastic PT whom is 100% committed to her clients and to help them achieve their goals. She is not only there for them In the capacity of training them, she is there for them to support them in general giving much more nutritional advice than any other PT. In all honesty I wouldn't have anyone else as my PT as it's such a personal thing you have to feel comfortable with your PT, Erika's personality and enthusiasm makes you feel comfortable.

Erika's clients results speak for themselves, I've lost over 16 kgs with her, and yet gained so much confidence and much happier person than when I started. I have changed so much for the better, everyone deserves that.

Any other comments? Erika is an amazing PT that has changed my life so much for the better, it was the greatest decision to date to become one of her clients.

She is truly inspiring and inspires her clients even more so to reach their goals and achievements.

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