Should you ditch carbs if you’re trying to lose weight? (VIDEO)

Well well! You hear so much dieting bullshit around this topic... I made a 1 minute video on it (even though I can't speak...):

Going low carb helps your body get rid of fluids, so yes, it might accelerate initial weight loss. However, as soon as you start eating carbs normally again you'll very quickly put the weight back on

"But if I try to eliminate carbs my body will burn more fat"

Carbs are your body's primary source for energy = you'll feel much better physically if you eat carbs

And we like feeling good, right?

Your advanced brain functions also run on carbs

So if you've got some intellectually demanding tasks coming up, make sure to have some carbs beforehand.

NOTE, however, that extremely overweight people can indeed benefit from reducing intake calories from carbohydrate sources

And that is mostly because they're eating soooo much carbs
And often those carbs are mixed with fats = disaster

Here's a great tip: If you want to make weight loss super easy, just try not to mix carbs and fats in the same meal... You'll still need both, but just have them separately. It's so simple and it really works. This advice is best for those who can't be arsed to log their foods and drinks on MyFitnessPal.


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VIDEO: Still sprint (high knees)

View our YouTube video on what still sprints can look like here.

How-to: Run as fast as you can on the spot. Try to bring your knees as high as you can and move your hands vigorously back and forth.

VIDEO: Jump squat

Jump as high as you can to add intensity!

Sit up

I struggled for years to do sit ups without someone holding my feet. I have to admit I'm still not brilliant at them, but he are some tips for doing them well:

1) Try your hardest to maximise tension in your abdominal region when doing sit ups. I.e. No lying down or sitting up entirely during the exercise.

2) Imagine holding an apple between your chest and chin to prevent neck stiffness.

3) Don't focus on speed, but the quality of each repetition. For results, try to really focus on feeling the burn more than you have to.

VIDEO: Narrow squat

Narrow squats are great for working your quads (thighs). They also nicely boost your metabolism as they work the biggest muscles in your body.


1) Keep your feet hip width apart, toes pointing straight forward.
2) Imagine sitting back on a chair. Your weight should be on your heels and your toes shouldn't go past your toes when going down.
3) Aim to get your bum so low that your thighs are parallel to the floor. This might take time to master.
3) Keep your chest up high all the time.
4) Use your hands to balance yourself through the movement.