Why you can eat whatever you want AND lose weight

I’m writing this blog post because people still come to me asking what foods they should eat to lose weight. Let me tell you… This is the wrong approach to weight loss. Shocking, right?

The truth is you can in fact eat whatever you want and still lose weight. This includes all the naughtiest foods and drinks you can imagine.

The problem with ‘naughty foods’ is that they tend to be rammed with calories… and they don’t make you satisfied

Scientific experiments have shown that a 50-50 ratio in fat and sugar is the worst, as it switches off your brain’s ability to say you’ve had enough. AND when given the option, people tend to go for these options. A great example of a 50-50 fat-sugar ratio would be a Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut… Yummy, right?

Again, there’s no problem with you having one every now and again, even regularly. Because as long as you take it into account to your caloric intake you’ll be fine. You will not gain weight unless you overeat.

My tip would be to never have ‘naughties’ unless you’re already hungry, and so then you treat it as a meal. It’s not a healthy meal, no, but make sure to get your veg in and you’ll be fine. We’re after the happiest possible way to live whilst controlling your weight, and if a Krispy Kreme makes you happy then go for it. Just keep the balance and have veg on your next meal.

So track your calories on MyFitnessPal (calculate your needs on here) and make sure to stay under your daily needs if you’re wanting to lose weight. Simple.