10 minute GUACAMOLE recipe

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Here’s my favourite guacamole recipe for you to try out – it’s simple, super healthy and ready in 10 minutes. Guacamole is high in monounsaturated fats, which are the healthiest kinds of fats in the world and actually help your body get rid of bad fats. Half an avocado a day can have amazing health […]


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Fats…. lovely fats. Including good fats in your diet is so important for your body to function properly. It also helps your body get rid of bad fats. I made a simple list of my favourite sources of good fats — make sure to include some in your everyday diet.   Oily fish (salmon, mackerel… […]

5 SIMPLE NUTRITION RULES (for better health and fat loss)

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I’ll make it as simple as possible, because it’s not supposed to be complicated. Nutrition is a topic which often gets people confused – there’s so much contradicting information out there, and advertisers are shoving all sorts of bullshit (on top of the good information) your way constantly. No, you don’t need the latest fat […]

BEST PROTEIN SOURCES for meat eaters and vegetarians

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Protein helps you stay fuller for longer – it is the macronutrient with the highest satiety factor (over carbohydrates or fats). Protein also, very importantly, helps build and maintain lean muscle mass in your body, which is super important in keeping your metabolism high throughout your life, and helps in building and maintaining a lean body that burns fat […]

5 tips for a healthier life

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Hiya, I just sat down to wait for dinner to cook and decided to write this I totally live by ‘the 10 minute body’ stuff as I can’t be bothered to waste my time in the kitchen (despite the fact that I love cooking) or doing 2-hour-long workouts So I’ve just done a 10 minute […]